Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers of secondary communications equipment together.   Additionally, we strive to provide the tools necessary to help the process of buyers & sellers in equipment sales.

Our parts guide helps in the identification of equipment.  Our Interconnect Directory lists companies that sell, install, and maintain phone systems in a local geographical area.   It is a great resource for Dealers to find potential customers that are in recurring need of new & refurbished phone systems.

Our Buy & Sell listing areas provide a complete market platform for companies to sell their out of service equipment for the best possible price.

Our Dealer Directory lists companies that are in daily need of buying out-of-service Phone Systems.  They can also provide New &  Refurbished equipment, sometimes at a 70% savings.  

If you need assistance loading your Want-to-Sell or Want-to-Buy listings, just fax them over and we'll load it for you.  Our fax number is 800-806-7579.















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