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Nortel OC192 Circuit Packs

Rachel Rox Busty #40446

From: http://btas.juggcrew.com/63/?t=1&nats=goodpoon:Revshare:BTAS,0,0,0,61367
Contact: authorizedss312@gawab.com
Email: authorizedss312@gawab.com
Phone: 123456
Fax: 123456
Date: 30 Oct 2009
Time: 15:40:49 -0800
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Rachel Rox Busty #40446 -

From: AssetRecovery.Net, Inc
Contact: Bruce Grosso
Email: bgrosso@AssetRecovery.Net
Phone: 662-423-1886
Fax: 662-424-0202
Date: 28 Apr 2003
Time: 08:06:24 -0700
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Desc. Model Part Serial# circuit pack Nortel NTCA07LN 02 NNTM010BM50V circuit pack Nortel NTCA04YN 04 NNTM0111BLXC9 circuit pack Nortel NTCA07FN 02 NNTM01P1BH18L circuit pack Nortel NTCA04YN 04 NNTM01W1BM1ZO circuit pack Nortel NTCA04JN 04 NNTM0121BIWYC circuit pack Nortel NTCA07QM 02 NNTM01S1BK5VA circuit pack Nortel NTCA07XN 02 NNTM01A1BM22A circuit pack Nortel NTCA04MM 04 NNTM01H1BFF23 circuit pack Nortel NTCA07UM 02 NNTM0111BM97H

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