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WTS: IRD-6185, DSR-4500, DSR-4400, Vu, 9504-CCBA BBA, and 9508-CCBA BBA

From: MGT Diversified Solutions, LLC
Contact: Tahsin Hasib
Email: thasib@mgtds.com
Phone: 859-881-3765 x-4
Fax: 859-887-4964
Date: 28 Feb 2003
Time: 17:47:54 -0800
Remote Name:


1. Blonder Tongoe IRD-6185 w/vcrs module, qty 36 2. Motorolla DSR-4500, qty.1 3. Motorolla DSR-4400, qty.1 4. Scientific Atlanta PWR Vu, qty 2 5. Standard Agile IRD, qty. 1 6. Scientific Atlanta Model 9504-CCBA BBA 4 port 7. Scientific Atlanta Model 9508-CCBA BBA 8 Port All used with 30 days Warranty

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