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Need to Sell DDM 1000 Equipment

From: Dixie-Net Communications
Contact: Will Gossett
Email: gossett@dixie-net.com
Phone: 662-993-2300
Fax: 662-993-2003
Date: 20 Jan 2003
Time: 08:21:28 -0800
Remote Name:


I am attempting to sell the lot of used DDM 1000 Equipment listed below.

Quantity Description Model Number 2 DDM 1000 Chasis 0 2 DDM 1000 DS3 Interface Cards AKM3 ELIU1 8 DDM 1000 MXR3 Cards (I think they do the muxing bit) AKM2C 26 DDM 1000 DS1 Interface Cards AEK36B 2 DDM 1000 Processor Cards MC900 83A1E 4 DDM 1000 -48 volt Power Supply Cards 547A SER 2A 1 KEPCO Power Supply for a Ring Generator (used to power 2 ddm 1000 and 4 DSX Pnls) PRM 48-6C AC input 100-130V @4.25amps and DC output -48V @ 6 amps 1 ADC 20 Position 60 Amp PDU 3Amp Max Fuse (used to distribute Kepco DC output) DSX-FP20 S/N 2697 3 ADC 19 inch 56 position DSX Panels DSX-DR561 This is a little messy because it was pasted from an xcel doc. I was just curios what someone would give me for this lot.


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