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Newbridge 3600 Mainstreet

From: Digisat Inc.
Contact: Don
Email: sales@digisat.org
Phone: 1-321-757-0990
Fax: 1-321-255-2776
Date: 25 Nov 2002
Time: 10:25:05 -0800
Remote Name:


I have available one each dual chassis ALCATEL/NEWBRIDGE 3600 MAINSTREET TWO CHASSIS

Two Newbridge Mainstreet Chassis 90 0010 10 W/Power supplies and INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING 13 CARD CONFIGURATION:

Two Control Cards 90-0667-10/90-0667-01P,w sys synch & mem modules Two 90-1576-01 Memory Modules 87-0528-01-1X-A;ENG Rev 30,87-0668-01-3x-B Five DSP Cards 90-0294-02B;0300/10B One DSP 4 Card 90-0038-11/E w/ 6 resources One V.35 PRI Card 90-0669-01K ; 1 to 30 circuits,64 to 1920 kbps TWO single span T1 cards 90-0093-05E; One Line Interface Module Card 90-0567-01 One 90-0035-10D: 0075-02/B,16+ slot expander card One 90-0030-01H loop start/ground card One of the T1 cards requires an additional LIM module which may be purchased separately. Original list pricing was over $47,000 for this chassis configuration. CHASSIS COME WITH FACTORY MANUALS

Please e mail me for your price. Sales@digisat.org www.digisat.org

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