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Toshiba Strata DK280 Digital 34 Phone System Plus 22 Cards & 3 Cabinets

From: Mike
Email: strata@justpayshipping.com
Phone: 310.415.1277
Date: 11 Jun 2002
Time: 20:51:45 -0700
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We have a Toshiba Strata DK280 Digital 34 Phone System Plus 22 Cards & 3 Cabinets for auction eBay if you are interested.

3 Strata Cabinets each with its own power supply and connect ribbon. 1 DKSUE 424A

1 DKSUE 280A

1 DKSUB 280A


RCOU1 QUANITY 5 Toshiba Loop Start CO Line Interface Unit (4x0) Provides 4 CO/PBX/Centrex loop start lines. Maximum 1 RCOU per DK40 system. 1 for

each 4 Loop Start CO / PBX / Centrex lines on DK280/DK424 systems. Accepts RCOS.

RCOS1 QUANITY:3 One per RCOU. The RCOS attaches to the RCOU to provide 4 additional Loop Start CO / PBX / Centrex line circuits.

RSTU1 QUANITY:2 DK280 Standard Telephone Interface Card

PDKU2 QUANITY:5 Provides 8 digital station ports. A DSS Console, DDCB, or PDIU-DS uses 1 port

PSTU2+SSTS2A QUANITY:1 Couldn't find info on this card. Looks like a PDKU2 plus it has a piggy-back card #SSTS2A.

RSTU2 QUANITY:3 Provides 8 standard telephone station ports. 1 port per DTMF or rotary telephone, or peripheral device such as Voice Mail, Auto

Attendant, fax, etc. 1 port per off-premises station, type OL13B line. Maximum 2 per DK40 system. Inserts into expansion cabinet.

RCTUC3 QUANITY:1 Main Control (1 unit)

RCTUD3 QUANITY:1 Main Control (1 unit)

PIOUSIA QUANITY:1 Couldn't find info on this card. Looks like where an amplifier or hold music would input. Click image for more detail.


DKT2020+DADM2020 QUANITY:1 20-key digital telephone with LCD and speakerphone + key digital add-on module, shares station port

DKT2020-SD QUANITY:7 20-key digital telephone with LCD and speakerphone

DKT2010-SD QUANITY:5 10-key digital telephone with LCD and speakerphone

DKT2010-H QUANITY:21 The DKT2010-H is a 10-button Digital Telephone with Hands free Answerback.

All of the phones seem to be in fair to good condition. There are no visible cracks. Some of the paper cards and plastic overlays may

need to be replaced.


Bogen 15 Watt Paging Amplifier (TPU-15A) QUANITY:1 I'm adding this item as-is. Not sure if it still works. There is a plate that needs replacing or can be made quite easily it seems. 15 watt output Compact wall-mount design Automatic Level Control (ALC) for balanced output with varying voice input levels Built-in night ringer Input terminals for telephone line and background music source Output terminals offer choice of 25 volts, 70 volts, or 8 ohms for connection of various types of loudspeakers Individual controls for tone, page volume, background music volume, and night ringer volume

Plantronics Hands Free Kit QUANITY:1 A Plantronics Hands Free Receptionist system. The ear pad could be replaced.

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